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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

VCR1, in the bedroom, set to tape Smallville.
VCR2, in the living room, set to tape Lost.

Me, in the computer room. Thinking about writing.


I'm watching Lost right as I spe....er, type. It's rather good. Looks like I'll be keeping an eye on it. Good thing Enterprise has moved off Wednesday.

My problem comes at 10 PM tonight- Law & Order on NBC, Rescue Me on FX, CSI: NY on CBS, & Animal Precinct/Police/Cops on Animal Planet.
Fortunately, the Animal Cop show repeats over night twice. Rescue Me repeats, too, usually. And so far, CSI NY hasn't gotten good reviews. But then I never follow reviews much.


I *loved* Lost. I'm not sure that they can sustain the tension for a full season (I think it would ahve worked better as a movie or mini-series) without descending into Land of the Lost cheese, but until it does, I will follow it avidly.