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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Immediate Smallville thoughts


Maybe it was me, maybe it was my other than young set, but didn't Kal-El (as opposed to Clark) have *blue eyes*? Because if so, cool.

And he headed straight to Lex. :) And mother's love took care of both her men. Because that's what Martha does - takes care of her men.

And naked!Kal-el? Guh.

And. Lois is pretty but right now (this can change, says the slasher) I don't see much chemistry - neither as friends or as opponents. She's just Chloe's cousin to him right now.

John Glover is sexy even when he's stubbly and wrinkled.

Poor Lex.

"Best Friend"? What happened to Pete? To Lex? Guy is *fickle*. Next thing you know, he'll have this photographer best friend.

And the cheese. The red blanket/cape. "Is it a bird? A plane?" "In different life, we were together." The beginnings of having two separate selves.


Smallville is always heavy on cheese and anvils. I think that might be the show's motto.

What happened to Pete? To Lex? Guy is *fickle*.

Pete left him. He left Lex. ("This friendship is over," comes to mind.)

Chloe was the one who was there for him, kept his secret when he was in Metropolis, everything. I think she definitely counts as the best friend.