Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Yes, *Algebra*.

One of the customers wanted to know how much she should ask for her house such that, after the agent's fee, she still had $700,000. Agent's fee is 5%.

After the agent struggled with the dreaded *math* for a while, she asked me.

I took out a pen and paper, and came up with this formula.



I told the agent, who had a calculator, to do 700,000/0.95 and viola! Approximately 737,000, which rounds nicely to $740,000. Easy. And, yeah, fun.

Because, see, algebra is used in real life and all the time. Why won't people believe that? If there wasn't that block, life would be a lot smoother.

And on another note - the online client seems to know what the date is now.
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