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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


Never count your invites before they're hatched.

We received an invitation for lunch for the first day of Sukkot. I was happy because it meant one less meal to cook.

They had a flood today. She just asked me to make the main dish - stuffed peppers. She sounded desperate.

I'm happy to help - It's not a hard dish, and all she asked was no rice, but bread crumbs. I'll use matzoh meal, because she said that was fine. I even have the meat in the house. I'll just wheel the pot over in my shopping cart.

But, so much for not making one meal. Serves me right, no?


uh...why is she telling you what to make?

Because I offered to make whatever she wanted.

I wish I had my own sukkah. (And had it together enough to cook...) I'm all over the map for Sukkos... might go away on my own the last three days, I can't handle this. But why am I kvetching in your LJ? Have a great time! Gutt yontif.

hey, at least it's not a mess in your succah :)