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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Sukkah is up. It took us less than an hour to do - Jonathan's theory is that the coolish weather made it easier for the metal hooks to slide into each other. I can hear hammers and drills all over the place.

He's decorating it now.

I'm about to construct the lasagna for tomorrow night and wait for Jonathan to take his shower. Then I'll finish shopping and get a bite to eat and cook the stuffed peppers and sweet potato kugel and then the chicken for tonight.

Not so bad. :)

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Chag kasher v'sameach!

Chag sameach!

V'samach'ta b'chagecha v'hayita ach sameach!

i just got the succah up. dan needs to help me with the scach and we're going to have to creatively rig it b/c whenever we buy stuff from jewish ppl we get majorly ripped off...which is what happened when we bought our succah.

Chag sameach!

One of these years I'll tackle decorations... (I am still on a quest for something that is all of: aesthetically pleasing, not kid-centered, inexpensive, and non-wasteful -- this last being the reason I don't just load it up with vastly more gourds than we would actually be able to eat before they go bad.) What do you use?

We use, mostly, the plastic decorations that came with the succah - some mylar danglies and garlands that we hang from the schach supports and some placques - one a banner that says "Baruch Ha'baim" and then placques of the five species that Jonathan fastened together with twine.

We also have a photo each of Rav Kook and Rav Soleveitchek, in page protectors.

Nothing expensive, you see, or wasteful or kid-centric. If we'd thought about it in time, we'd have gotten posters of the Kotel or travel posters of Israel laminated. Again, reusable, appropriate and not kiddie. And pretty.

Ah. My sukkah didn't come with decorations. :-) But checking dollar stores and the like for plastic fruit might pay off.

I like the laminated-poster idea, especiaally posters of things in Israel. Thanks!

Depending on your lighting situation, strings of lights can be decorative and useful.

I actually have a long strand of white lights; that's what I use to light the thing. (Got 'em cheap on Boxing Day one year.) That's my only decoration thus far, though. I should acquire more, particularly if I can find some intereting ones. I've seen pumpkin lights (at halloween) and jalepino lights on neighbors' property -- where do you get stuff like that? (I'm not necessarily looking for pumpkins and peppers -- just novelty lighting in general.)