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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Cooking spam.

The stuffed peppers, made, as requested, without rice, are simmering. The water for the sweet potatoes is coming to a boil.

My own food? Not cooked yet. :) I'll put the chicken in the oven in about an hour. Everythng else can be cooked on Yom Tov.

Oh, and the lasagna is cooling.

And my landlady's sons are being clumsy in her succah. Something just broke but I can't see through their s'chach.


But...but...spam's not kosher!!!!

It's NOT?


No, no -- Spam is not kosher.
spam is kosher and parve.

Hormel doesn't like it when you confuse the two...

No no no.
Cooking spam does not involve peppers, rice, or sweet potatoes.
You just need a can opener - preferably the little key that comes on the bottom of the can - a skillet, and a knife. Slice the spam into 1/4" slabs, put in the skillet, and fry until the edges are brown and start curling towards the center.
Serve on white bread with mustard.
Also makes good dog treats.

Spam is the high class stuff. In my poor white trash childhood, we had Treet.

Before I kept kosher (well, duh it was before) I actually liked me a chunk of spam fried up just the way you describe.

I thought it was fairly tasty. Maybe only because I didn't have to eat it?

Maybe I'm insane...

There's a place in Manila called Spam Jam which serves Spam burgers, Spam corn dogs, and other Spammy things. I haven't eaten there yet, but the last time I passed by the place seemed full. From the linked article:
The restaurant uses "fresh" not canned Spam, which contains less salt and fat.

Fresh Spam?!?

Have you seen mollys_cauldron? I know you post a lot of food stuff, you might like the comm.