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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Queen of Squish

So. Gatewaygirl finished her opus "Blood Magic" and I read the first 25 or so chapters anyway, and it's been rec'd here, there and everywhere.

And I do have a three day holiday coming up.

I spent spare moments today cutting and pasting 83 chapters into a word file.

Before I did any reformating, it was 941 pages.

I got it down to 91 pages.

Yes, it's still readable with the naked eye.

I'm set for the weekend, even if I didn't just get the latest Terry Pratchett. Which I did.


you scare me, sometimes. :)

I think you're the only person I do scare.


Hey no, I don't scare easy.

Just weirdly. :)

Hee hee hee! I've done that. I still do that when I beta. It's a lot easier to catch errors on the printed page than onscreen.

What did you do? I've never had one shrink to 10% before, though by eliminating huge margins and double-spacing, adding first line indents and removing the extra line between paragraphs, and shrinking the font from 12 to 8 or 9 points, I've got it down to 25% before...

Go here.

Actually, I've been using Ariel Narrow 8pt, although I used 7pt today.

Triple columns really make a difference.

Wow, you have a LOT of patience. I wish I could do that but once I put things into a Word file, I don't have anywhere to print it out. Oh well, I have to subside on general trashy romance novels instead. Or sleep. :)

I can squish fic in two minutes.

Less. And I have it as a style on my home computer, so it's even faster.

You wouldnt' have the whole thing as one big file you could email would you? I want to read it, but I'm a bit lazy to get all 25 chapters downloaded.

83 chapters, actually.

And, no. I deleted it off my computer at work after I finished.

Even though I did give the entirely inocuous name of HOUSECHANGE.

I really wish that people would do that themselves.

It's on Schnoogle...

Yeah. I want to read it. I've heard a lot about it. But I'm just not willing to go to the effort to combine all 83 chapters into something I can read on the Palm.

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It read very fast, actually.

I totally loved that fic!
What did you think?

I thought it was great.

So does my husband. He's been devouring it.