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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I taught a class

Last night, around 10PM or so, my Pakua master called me. She wouldn't be able to make it to class this morning. I have today off, so I was going to go in. I told her that, and she asked me if I could cover the class for her, in case neither of our blue belts showed up.

We went over what she wanted me to do - no way could I go in without that - and that was that.

I got to class early, to find a nearly empty school. Leah was late. In fact, I was changing back to street clothes when she showed up. I checked with Master Ian about what items to do of the plan Master Dominique gave me, and we got started. We did the twelve minutes of warm ups - running, punching, situps and pushups and some kicks, and then I had Leah lead the 24 movements. I did the kicks, we did some one on one sparring, including some from the left foot back position and some 45 degree movements. Then we did some one-step fighting lock techniques, and ended with some shadow movements. Not bad for 30 minutes, right? :)

It was fun. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Current Mood: accomplished

OOoh, I ain't messing with you any more, MamaDeb! ;-)

BTW, I'll be up in NYC in a couple of weeks. For two weeks. The last week of October & the first week of November. I'm staying at Nina Bogin's. Wanna have lunch or something?

We gotta do that. Just let me find a day. :)

Hokay, my cell phone is 609-312-6263. I'll be up in about two weeks!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!

Holly Kim Naw I ain't excited!