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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Sekrit message to jonbaker

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband in the world.

I love you insanely.

Current Mood: lovedloved

Happy birthday Jon!

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Happy birthday to Jon! Hope you two have a marvelous day.

Ooh! Happy birthday to him!

We're going out to see Carla Ulbrich perform in Soho tonight. I liked her album that we picked up at Worldcon.

For those that care, my age is 3 bar-mitzvas or 1 set of forbidden Shabbos labors.

And I just got an alumni newsletter from my high school. They had pictures of the 10th-anniversary reunion. One of the guys there, I last saw as a junior-high-schooler, shortly before we were married. His parents and mine go to the same synagogue in the summers. I'm feeling a bit old.

Happy birthday, Jon! Yay for good stuff!

Holly Kim

Happy Birthday, Jon, and I hope you enjoy the best of everything both for today, and for the year!