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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. It turns out that today is the first time I've used my stove since, um. Last Friday. I realized this because it felt odd to turn on the burner directly - just a turn and Hey! fire! As opposed to taking the flame from a burning candle and transfering that carefully to the stove, and turning the handle carefully, as one does on holidays. Which was the last time I used the stove.

I had the oven on Shabbat, but that's just putting already cooked food in. We went out on Sunday night - we saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Was fun.

(Also, though, on the way home, two friends from our old neighborhood who preceded us to the new one got on the bus. And one of them was amazingly self-righteous. Because she no longer has a television and her older boys (midteens) all had "video monitors" but those monitors kept breaking down and she was grateful for that, and she'd *never* let them read comic books. And. Parents have a right to decide what their kids watch and so on, but honestly, these are good kids, and this no tv thing is only a few years old and. Well. Ouch. They should only know what I write for a hobby.)

Anyway, we had leftovers on Monday, with the fresh stuff cooked in the microwave, and we were out Tuesday for the folk thing, and I met cara_chapel on Wednesday, so yeah. My first time cooking a whole meal since yom tov.



I am always flabbergasted by people who think that the only way to ensure that their children learn the morality they want to teach is to make sure they can't find out what anybody else thinks, right or wrong.

I always want to tell them how that actually works, which is that once the kids find out that stepping outside the narrow box their parents have drawn around them won't result in an immediate lightning strike, it's not uncommon for the kids then to decide that nothing their parents said can be trusted, at all.

I almost saw Sky Captain... glad to hear it's fun. (OMGtheirloveisso... never mind)

But, the no TV thing is old news in my circles, even here in L.A. Not that everyone does it, but that some do and it's an issue. I had none from when I first got married in 1991 until a few years ago when I got into anime. The school in our old neighborhood had two classes for each grade, one for homes with TV and one for homes without.

(The no-TV one was called the "Yiddish track" and some Yiddish was used but that wasn't really it and everyone said that publicly. My friend told me she didn't care about Yiddish but she didn't want her kids playing with kids who watched television.)

On the one hand this stuff is part of why I'm leaving Orthodoxy. On the other hand watching anime and meeting other people who do eventually led me to realize outside world is not a big, bad place or a morass of immorality and led me to ask uncomfortable questions and THAT'S why I'm leaving Orthodoxy. So, they're right.

The no TV thing is new? My cousins never had a TV. (well, some of them - the Monsey ones and half of the Bkln ones). In fact, my aunt/uncle had problems getting some of my cousins into school b/c my grandmother has a TV. Unless the no TV thing is mainstreaming and that's new?
They should only know what I write for a hobby.
Sounds like a conversation I had w/ my mom this afternoon. She wants me to strengthen my Yahadut and make my husband's stronger. Just because I don't cover all my hair and my skirts are shorter than my sisters' and I curse and read romance novels...she has no clue what I really read and think it would really bother her. I just wish that she didn't expect me to be my sisters. And I know she doesn't but sometimes, I just get this look from her, like, why is this one different? In fact, when I came home from Israel for the year and some of my HS classmates (who had gone to Michlalah, while I had gone to Brovenders) were standing up for chazarat ha'shatz and I wasn't (at that point) she asked me why not. I answered b/c I hadn't learned that I had to. What's funny is that when I came home from Israel, she wasn't covering her hair and may still have been wearing pants. Now, forget it. She's so different. And I don't know why but sometimes I want my mommy back.
Sorry for ranting in your journal. Whole point of that was, yeah, they should all know what we read/write for a hobby. Would really put a curl in their sheitels :)

Very pretty AJ icon......

Yeah, well, the world is full of people who seriously need to get over themselves, as we all know.