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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
So far...

Jonathan is at his college reunions. I've been to two previous ones, but didn't enjoy them. At all. So this time, he's there on his own. Which means I'm here. On my own.

This is not normal for us. But it's okay. I just spoke to him, and he's happy and I'm happy. If a trifle lonely.

And he spoke to cmshaw, too.

My pre-Shabbat stuff felt odd. I did my normal things - took a shower, made a thermos of coffee, made sure there was hot water, set the lights, even cut up toilet paper because I forgot to buy tissues...normal stuff. Except I didn't cook anything because I was going to friends.

But it felt odd. Because it was all for me. See, I wasn't really observing the Sabbath before I married - actually, we didn't become Shomer Shabbat fully for a couple years. So, I'm used to doing this for *us*, or even getting Jonathan to do part of it - he makes better coffee, for example. Doing it just for me was just. Strange.

Dinner was wonderful. I left my house a trifle early because it was going to rain and, as I can't carry an umbrella and it was too hot for rain gear even if I had it, I wanted to avoid it. And I walked right into a Wizard of Oz trivia game. That was fun, especially when I quoted from the movie verbatim. And the other guest arrived and I knew all but one person in the room. Because they go to my new synagogue and they're fun and nice people and so dinner was relaxed and silly and just what I needed. I've only known these people for a few months, but they're *friends*.

Walked home at eleven, after all the rain had stopped. Alone. This was actually safe. There were plenty of people out - people go for walks after Shabbat dinner, or just walk home from Shabbat dinner, and they all do it at about the same time because dinner only lasts so long. I was never alone on the street.

I never made it to synagogue this morning. This is also not odd. I'm basically lazy, after all. I read various books, including the wonderful Crossroads zine.

I had lunch with friends who used to live in our old neighborhood, but who proceeded us to Flatbush. We've known them since their third child was born - our first Shabbat in that synagogue, we went to his bris. He's eleven now. They have seven now. The youngest is four months, and is a very long awaited second daughter. The other guests were a couple whom we'd met in October. They were engaged at the time, and are now married. I stayed for hours and hours, and it was also lovely.

So, it was quite successful.

I'm happy.


hey mama -- thanks for sending jonathan off to old nassau. t'was fun to meet him in person. i hope he didn't come home with too much orange-and-black. (it's not our fault! they put something in the water, i swear!)