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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Just randomly

The gayest show on television is not Smallville. Or The Sentinel.

It's Lilo and Stitch.

It may look like a sweet and innocent cartoon about a little girl and her pet alien. In fact, it is a sweet and innocent cartoon about a little girl and her pet alien.

It also has two m/m couples that act like couples. Jamba and Quigley live with Lilo and her big sister. Quigley, who is nominally male, is "disguised" as a human female (as well as anyone with one eye, six limbs and no endoskeleton can be.) That means he wears a muumuu all the time, and a sheitel (wig) when he goes out. He's also excessively neat.

Gayer yet are the "bad" guys - Gamtu, who is a giant bipedal shark with elephantoid feet and his "friend", an alien experiment who makes sandwiches. They live together in a cave, and they fight and get jealous and just act *married." It's very sweet.

This series also tosses the word "ohana", meaning "family" around in a very endearing way - it seems to mean, anyone connected to any one we care about.

Edited to say it's "Bleekly", not "Quigley". Sorry.

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When we saw the movie, the moment Stitch appeared we yelled "CALVIN!"

Quigley and Jamba are so OTP. I have thought this so many times. My son loves that cartoon.

My husband adores it. He'll sit and watch marathons.

(I mean not to imply this squicky- merely using my Lilo icon)

I love the movie. Is the show worth watching? Because I have been considering Tivoing it so that I can watch.

My current favorite possession is my watch, featuring Stich dressed as Elvis.

The series is very sweet and funny. And slashy to the max.

Hey! I'm not the only one who noticed this. :D

What is OTP?

One True Pairing

In fan fiction, the pairing you most want to write/read/see, or see the clearest.

It can be canon, such as Buffy/Angel, or it can be non-canon, like Wesley/Angel.


Have not had time to watch this, is it on DVD?
Or when is it on? I am in PA,

Re: Oh!

It's on the Disney channel.

I haven't seen the show, but I thought Quigley and Jumba were very gay even in the film.

Nod. I have to think it's on purpose.

Considering the rest of the morals of the film - not least of all the meaning of "ohana", just like you mentioned in your post - I think it's very likely.

Which is why it's my favourite Disney movie ever, no competitors. :-)

And Lilo is a kid with a behavior problem. You could look at Stitch as an externalization of her behavior problem.
In the movie - she's late, she fights with the other kids, none of the other kids like her, she's disobedient, etc.

Nod. It works very well like that. And it doesn't change.

She's bright and caring, but has no impulse control.

Ohana is a very elastic term, truly incorparating the larger meaning you surmised.