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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay, I'm bored. I'm caught up and there is literally nothing for me to do but read LJ and write and...


1. Someone posted a link to a story on ff.net where Harry is actually as abused as badly as fanon thinks he's been (worse, really) and the effect it has on him. Does anyone know this story? Harry believes he deserves the awful treatment, and he's in Hogwarts now. It's a WIP.

2. Anyone want a story?

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You don't ask for anything easy, do you?

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So. The earnest young Corinthian gets involved with the dark hero? Because I've read five books, and no way am I going to be able to use actual characters. I can at best offer Heyeresque.

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Boots, eh?

I'll have to think about that.

I don't know which story that it, but have you tried posting a question to hpstoryfinders?

How did you like having one day of Shabbos as opposed to 3? I was so surprised when we made Havdalah and it was over. Seemed so short :) That, and the fact that it ended before 7. [sarcasm] Can't wait for Shabbos to start at 4:15 [/sarcasm]

And I would love a story. Any fandom, any pairing, I'm not particular. You write so well that anything is great.

Good idea. Posted there.

It was so weird singing Shalom Aleichem and Aishet Chayil - we haven't in a month.

Have to start cooking on Thursday soon.

You ask that, I'll write more Snape/Lupin. :)

Yeah, my husband was a little "confused" by saying Kabbalat Shabbat (I speak Hebrew with Ashke-sphard pronounciation, so that originally spelled out as Kabbalat Shabbos...I need to pick a pronounciation - too many people speaking differently in my youth). And I had to finish cooking before lighting the candles, I had been cooking after I lit for so long. :)

And there is nothing wrong with Snape/Lupin. Love Snape/Lupin.

Um, it might be a little dark for you. But we're doing a round-robin H/D over at bookshop's journal.

Yes, I could do with some Heyer too. I could even do with Heyeresque...

And I could easily envision some Peregrine Taverner/Julian Worth slash...

I have this longing for Harry/Cedric.

I have no idea if it would turns out AU (considering circumstances) or mild (considering age and circumstances) or what, but I'd like to see it.

I did find a little that already exists, but not with any guidance as to what's good, so if anyone has recs, I'd be interested.

Eh, perhaps I'll write it myself, but I'm not sure my slash writing isn't awful.

I'm sure I'll read the Heyer(esque) slash. In fact I'd write some, from the Regencies, especially if I can do it without mentioning whether the Happy Ending was taken away. (Not that changing the ending is a bad thing, just I'm nostalgic about Heyer)