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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Coffee is of the good

I was completely uncaffinated today - normally my husband makes me coffee in the mornings, and I just didn't plan my time this morning to make my own.

This is because I am spoiled.

And then usually people will buy me coffee during the work day, so I can maintain, you know. Normal blood-caffeine levels.

This didn't happen today. Not out of cruelty or anythng. It just didn't happen and I do not expect such service and am grateful when it's offered. It just wasn't offered today.

There is the means of making coffee at the office, but it's a bother and I had an agent watching the phone while I was at lunch.

But the headache was coming. I could feel it. And I am completely and utterly caught up,with not even makework around. So, I asked the only agent in the office to mind the phone for two minutes and ran to a coffee place (this being Park Slope, there's at least one coffee place per block.) And right now, there's a large cup of coffee on my desk. And I forgot to ask for it black, so there's milk in it, and that's of the good, too, because it's exactly right to drink now. And the coffee guy was happy because I took it that way instead of making him pour it out, which I would have if it had had sugar, but milk is fine. He blessed me. :)

Otherwise - I figured out how to save a Publisher file in .tif format, which was extremely easy. And I sat at my desk and processed listings and answered the phone while a very uncomfortable agents' meeting was held around me. One of the agents was accused of behaving unprofessionally. And there were accusations and words back and forth and it was done quietly and without shouting, but I really wished they'd held this meeting in our conference room instead of the main office. I really try to stay out of office politics.

Fortunately it was resolved in an adult manner, full of buzz words and invocations of karma, and I did get all my work done.

And now I have coffee.


you have to ask specifically not to have milk in it? i don't think i've ever been to a place where they didn't either ask if i wanted Stuff in my coffee, or (most often) leave me to doctor it myself.

I was kinda surprised, too, but milk and sugar is actually standard in NYC. I just always ask for "black, no sugar."

I'm not a coffee drinker, but even I know that "regular" is milk and sugar (at least here). Many vendors do ask "regular?" to confirm; it's an opt-out system, like most book, CD, and DVD clubs. Milk, no sugar, is exceptional. You're lucky you got it that way without specifying.

I know. I was surprised that it wasn't sugared.

And glad that it had been enough time since I'd had lunch, since I wait an hour between meat and milk.

I thought I had specified.

Coffee, good! Very very good!

Normal blood-caffeine levels.
I like that phrase, may I use it? I also need to maintain my caffeine levels. You are lucky that you don't get affected until afternoon. I start with a withdrawal headache about 10 a if I don't have caffeine before that.

It's not original with me, so be my guest. :)

It depends on my tension/sleep level. I should have gotten it earlier today.

caffeine is so important.....i love the way it makes my brain tingle when i drink it. it is such a drug.

It is my drug of choice.

oh me too! it's a safe pregnancy drug! and i abuse it quite well :)

When did that change?

A few years ago, all my pregnant friends were avoiding caffeine as if it were alcohol.

really? it's one of those things you're not supposed to have in quantity when pregnant.

but then again, you're also not supposed to breath when you're pregnant, eat lunch meat, eat anything other than letus and vitamins. it's ridiculous. i'm a real person having a real baby.

One word

Am doing a 6 pack a day at this point.