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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It seems that for the past 13 or so years, I've only been masquerading as an adult.

This is something I've long suspected, but now I know it's true.

When Jonathan is home, he makes sure that I get to bed at a reasonable hour for someone who needs to be up before eight. And get breakfast of some sort and coffee.

He's been away for two nights, and he left very early Tuesday morning. Have I made coffee? No. Have I had breakfast? No. What time did I go to sleep? 2AM Wednesday morning. Even later (I don't know how long because I refused to find out, which is easy if your digital clock is across the room and you're not wearing your glasses) last night. Why? Because I'm not a grown-up and if I have a chance, I *will* be up all night.

Breakfast this morning before Pakua? A caffeine pill, water and a Snickers energy bar.

I'm *pathetic*.


Heh. No, you're not pathetic, you're actually rather inspiring. I'm inspired to believe that there's hope for me - I'm terrible about keeping to a sensible schedule. Look, here I am voraciously reading LJ when I should be packing lunch, ironing clothes, brushing teeth, getting into bed and sleepingzzzz...

Hope you don't tire yourself out too much. :-) Take care!

aw! hetakes good care of you!

Snickers makes energy bars? I had no idea. Are they good?

And I am also pretending to be an adult. But I haven't had my husband wake me up for ages. I have to wake him up (although recently I've started sending the baby in to wake him up...she gives him quite a lecture, even though we have NO clue what she's saying). Last night I was up until 3, the night before 2. Reasonable bedtimes only happen on Friday nights, and that is because I can't go online....

You're not pathetic!

It was like eating a candy bar, so not bad.


Last night, with him home? Got to sleep before 11:30. :)

Your in college!

Sounds a lot like my BF, but I drink jolt. Used to dring coffee, but that takes too long and I do not like instant, and my aunt dose not have a coffee maker.
And starbucks is like 4 bucks a cup.

Re: Your in college!

I graduated from college 17 years ago. I'm a supposedly grown-up married lady who will be 41 in about two weeks. Who didn't do a dish or pick anything in the two days I was alone. Thus, pathetic. :)

And I can make a cup of real coffee in the time it would take to make a cup of instant. I just. Didn't.