Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Tonight's dinner: Veal stew over cous-cous
Was going to be lamb stew, but was no lamb stew or piece of lamb suitable for cutting up and stewing.
(Mandatory disclaimer. This is *kosher* veal. That means that the animal must be healthy enough to have lived another year if not slaughtered, and must have perfectly smooth lungs with no adhesions. So veal must be free-range. It is not as white or tender as nonkosher veal. Fine by me. It's still expensive.)
I mad the same sort of stew I would have if I'd had lamb - standard onions, carrots and celery, but also sweet potato, dried cherries and almonds. I also simmered a piece of cinnamon stick and poured in about half a cup of wine and, on a whim, some fennel seed.

To be served over cous-cous.

Lunch tomorrow: "ploughman's pie." Or shepherd's pie. I browned some onion and red pepper and ground beef, and put it between two layers of mashed potatoes. This is a dry dish, and therefore, reheatable on Shabbat. And I'll make a salad with kirbies and radishes to go with it.

Cooking done. :)

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