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It's Friday. It's also the week before Thanksgiving. I'm thinking about food. I went shopping because I'm lazy and didn't go yesterday, but it's okay because shopping is now five minutes walk away from my house, and with a choice of stores, instead of a half hour by train or bus and a cab back.

Tonight, I'm making beef stew, something we like and I can make practically in my sleep, and I'm experimenting with a hamin for lunch. But the recipe I have is bland and it calls for a cooking technique I don't want to use. And it uses whole eggs but I forgot to buy eggs. So, I'm adapting. About the only things I'm keeping is the chicken, the spice and the rice. Which are the basics, after all.

And I bought my T'giving turkey. Fifteen pounds to feed seven people. Should be enough. This way, I have it available to me, and my biggest worry is now over.

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