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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Voted I have. My polling place, a Catholic nursing home, was more crowded than I'd ever seen it. Given the location and the neighborhood, I somehow don't think it ever held quite so many yarmulkes...

And I could tell that the people around me had never voted before - just the way they weren't even sure where to vote. Me? I was the only one on line at my district table, but a girl was before more in the booth. Given her age, it was probably her first election. She took a long time, but I don't grudge her. You're only a virgin once.

My vote took seconds, as I voted the straight ticket. And then I came home.

Gray haired granies.

My aunt and inlaws went and got 3 nursing homes to reg all of the able and some of the mostly able to reg to vote, then went down in W/C vans and in cars and rental vans to pick them up to take them to the vote. Some had not been out in a long time! Most of them had to be assisted in using the new voting PC, but all voted there choice.
It is wild to me that the ones that cant remember Carter can remember the Old Bush, and some were shocked that he was being alowed to run again. Snicker. Very fue voted for Bush. Or rembered doing so.