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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Just call me, well. Mama.

My age


How old are other lj users are compared to me:
My age
There are 2812 lj users the same age as me.
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Yup. And that's me too in ten days. :)

Happy belated birthday, by the way. Sorry I missed giving greetings of the day.

97% are younger than me (37). I had no idea.

Did I miss Mama Deb's birthday? I really really must not have been paying attention somehow.

I was hoping she'd ask me for a fanfic actually... and it's not too late!

My English birthday is November 5. I didn't do anything, really, to mark the day. We'd had the dinner on Monday night, Jonathan gave me my presents already (except for the big one of a new president, and he did what he could for that one, as did most of you.)and, anyway, it was Friday and Shabbat was coming in at 4:30.

I'll take a story. HP and slash?

HP and slash

Why certainly. What pairing would you like? And perhaps a line of set-up or time period if you can...


Current time period.

Between books five and six, if you please.

Tis' done. Shortish, and really pre-slash, but I hope you enjoy it. (A little past Remus/Sirius implied but based on reading your LJ I thought you'd be OK with that.)


"She was 41 and her daddy still called her baby...."

You know. If he were still around, I'd still be "Debbie-girl".