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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New stories

Some of you probably have noticed that there are two new stories on mamadebfic.

One reason is that I had nothing else to do today, so I figured I'd be creative. Another is that I owed those two stories (one was very, very owed) and I knew I'd feel better once they were written.

But a third was that I'd worked myself into a fit of depression because, of all silliness, the Secret Santa stuff. I mean, it was my choice to not go to the party, so it's really dumb for me to feel left out, right? Well, no one said I was rational or adult. (And, yeah, my birthday was just last week, and two people offered to write me stories, so yay! Who needs Santa, anyway?)

Writing the stories got me out of that bit. Yay for fic therapy.


woo! Fic! Woo!

Didn't say it was *good* fic, did I?

But I like your fic. :P

It *was* good fic, though.
I do admit to having become a sucker for Snape/Lupin, though. Among other pairings.

Thanks for the lunchtime reading.

:) Thank you.

Gah! I missed your birthday! How did that happen? Sorry!

I hope you had a very happy day.

*smooches and hugs*

I don't know. It's the same day as Gary Farber's birthday.

Unfortunately, 51% of the country reportedly decided I shouldn't get my birthday present of a new president.

And I had the flu. :)

Otherwise, it was lovely.

I'm sorry that the secret santa stuff is getting you down; I seem to recall this being true last year as well.

I know there are anonymous story-writing extravaganzas at other times of year (ds_undercover comes to mind) though the ones I know of don't have the "writing stories for specific people" angle that the assorted yuletide things do.

Is it possible for you to consider these December fiction-fests as secular midwinter gift exchanges, divorced from a particular holiday connection? Would that make it easier for you to enjoy the stories which arise through them, even if you're not participating yourself?

I did, in fact, sign up for a ficathon in a fandom I'm active in. I thought I was okay by all this until today. Because you see, the thing of it is, everyone on my friendslist who writes is in this one. So yesterday and today, I got to read everyone squeeing over their assignment and then sending secret messages out. So I felt quite a bit left out.

And, while I know it's all my own perspective and no one else seems to have that problem, I find it difficult to divorce the thing from its own NAME. You know?

And I *do* enjoy the stories. I read a lot of them last year, and I assume I'll read whatever stories happen to be in familiar fandoms this year.

I just wish I felt comfortable participating.

Oh... heh... that would be me too, huh, if you mean the Yuletide rare fandoms exchange, or something similar. I thought you were talking about something at your work.

I did participate in this because I adore rare fandoms and want to promote them. I just felt like Yuletide and Santa are such generic names, it practically didn't occur to me. Though I did have a moment yesterday when I realized I was being a "Santa" and writing a letter to one.

Not that you're asking me to defend myself. I just feel a little funny about it now, I didn't realize there were people who didn't want to participate because of that.

I'm not asking you to defend yourself. This is *my* mishegoss, not anyone else's.

And for most people, yeah, they are generic.

Have *fun*.

Fics help, don't they? I'm on a writing and planning binge myself, in a number of fandoms, with requests and stuff I thought up. (And I'm planning out yours right now, though I doubt it will work as well as your take.)

Anyway... a nice-seeming person named [Bad username: silly_frog> posted over at <lj user=] looking for Draco/Harry recs. I was wondering if could hook her up with your stuff and if so how? And whether you had any outstanding recommendations?

(sorry the tags don't work, I'm not sure how to make them work. Her name was silly_frog and she posted at the yaoi lj...)

I don't have many draco/harry stories, but all my stories are out there for people to read. So, of course.

Excuse my dumbness, but where is it exactly? I know there is some over at your fic LJ, but there doesn't seem to be any on your website... is there any somewhere else?

you're female. it's your right to be irrational.

Birthday stories

my birthday was just last week, and two people offered to write me stories, so yay!

You write so many birthday stories for other people. I would have thought more than two might want to, too.