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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Whew. I feel *much* better now.

I just had my first pakua class since the Sunday before last. And while I got wiped fairly early on, the running and the crunches and situps, the intial movements, the punches (I led the punches) and the kicks, and then the attack and escape sparring - oh, it feels so very, very good. I got my heart up, I got my adrenaline pumping (I got in some good kicks and punches :)), I got my lungs working. I feel alive again.

This exercise stuff? It's an addiction. Which I knew, but now I *know*.


i have never been addicted to exercise. i've always foundit torture...

The trick is to find something *fun*. The martial arts, for me, is fun. I get to do different things each week; I get to see myself increase in skills and abilities - my balance is still bad, but it's better, for example. And I can beat people up. What could be better?

For other people I know, belly dancing does it, or roller blading.

Is there a simcha dancing class you could join?

simcha dancing? bleh.

right now most of those options are not options for me. we'll see. maybe i'll just go to the zoo more often.


Back when I was taking krav maga, especially after I got my yellow belt and was going to both the beginners (no belt required) and advanced (any belt) classes on the same night, often twice/week, I used to refer to it as my addiction.

I was going to say that anything that you plan the rest of your schedule around (and even better, pay noticeable money for) counts, but then I realized shabbat would count, and now I'm thinking about (organized?) religion as addiction... hm...