Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Thises and thatses

1. Sekrit Message to vassilisa - Conner and Roy okay? Because that's what I'm writing.

2. Scarves

A few months ago I started wearing headscarves (tichlach) instead of hats. I am now singing many praises. I get to coordinate or contrast with my outfits. I get to wear a sweaterset without looking 60 years old. I get to play with them like real hair - buns, braids, twists, ponytails. It's even more fun when I layer them.

And there is another advantage - since they're all twisted and tied and it looks so difficult, neither my mom or my mother-in-law expect me to take them off. Which means I don't have go run grab a hat when someone new comes in. For example, my mom's boyfriend. If and when they get married, I'll stop covering my hair around him, but right now I'm not comfortable doing so. With a scarf, it's not an issue.

3. Presinks!

My brother's son is turning 10 this month, so I'm buying him books. He's a bright kid, reading well above grade level. I just bought him three Heinlein juvies - Between Planets, The Star Beast and Have Spacesuit, Will Travel. Next year, I'll get him more. I don't know if those are his tastes, because I don't have any contact with him (he lives in New Mexico and I don't talk to my brother) but they should be fun. I'll eventually get him other books, including, when he's about 14 or so, the Miles Vorkosigan books.

I will make him one of us. Bwa-ha-ha-ha
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