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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Gacked from sistermagpie

1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?
9. If I were an HP character, who would I be?


1. I don't recall.

2. I think it was because we're on the LMB list together, and I do like your posts a great deal.

3. I like your canon explication posts, although we have really different takes on the canon. I also like anything that you write about being religious. I'm personally conflicted as all get out about religion, which is why I thrash around like a fool when I try to talk about it, and your posts always make me feel calmer about them. Jacqueline Lichtenberg has a similar effect on me.

4. I'm not sure. I'd know if you wrote about it.

5. I don't know. I suspect I would annoy you sometimes, but I hope not. I know we would find things to talk about.

6. Pretty much always, even if I don't find anything to comment on. Occasionally I skip fics that I don't think will interest me, but not very often, because I actually really like a lot of your fics in fandoms I don't normally read.

7. Dress sense. And we like H/D.

8. I'm thinking about it.

9. I'm not sure. I think if I had to pick someone, I'd choose Molly (don't freak, she's one of the Weasleys that I happen to like) but frankly, you are a character all on your own, and if you were to enter Rowling's world you'd be just fine as your own self.

It's cool having someone with a similar dress sense to talk with.

I'm glad I make you feel calmer.

I think we would find things to talk about.

And I do like Molly.