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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Gacked from sistermagpie

1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal so I can answer?
9. If I were an HP character, who would I be?


1. Well, as soon as I was lured/beaten/dragged onto Live Journal. Hey, it took a bit! WebTV isn't compatible to a lot of stuff and I was tired of trying something and being disappointed.
2. Well, I knew you from fuh-q and met you at a Lunacon. (Hey, Mama Deb, you going to next year's in NJ?)
3. Everything....when I remember to log on and read stuff! This is still a habit in the making.
4. Ummmm....not sure yet.
5. Well, I hope we would be, specially once I move back to NYC.
6. Er, whenever I remember to come to LJ.
7. Fuh-q, Lunacon, sci fi, Trek & DS9 (I think you watched DS9), HP, er, sort of the same social circle in NYC.
8. Not sure I can with WebTV, but I'm answering here!
9. Hey, I don't know what HP character I'd be!

Re: Ummmmm

I don't know aobut Lunacon yet. I'd like to.