Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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One of my employers is also the treasurer of my old synagogue, so she sometimes does odd little jobs, or has me do them. I don't mind, especially at the moment when things are slow and I want something to do anyway.

The shul is doing a mailing about the classes and programs it's offering using some very nice postcards. Some very nice *big* postcards.

My job was to attach the stamps to the postcards and then mail them.

Except. It seems that over a certain size, postcards take standard postage instead of postcard rate. And what they gave me were postcard stamps. My employer realized there might be a problem after she bought them and dropped them off and I'd started putting them on, so I went to the USPS website and then double checked by calling them. And, yes, at 5" by 9", these cards are way too big for postcard rate. That is, $0.23 vs. $0.37. And my employer did not want to wait on the long lines of this time of year to purchase fourteen cent stamps.

So, at my employer's direction, I affixed two postcard stamps to each postcard, plus she'd gotten a hundred standard stamps for her partner, my other employer, and I was to use them as well. This leaves us 100 stamps short. And, to make it more amusing, she'd gotten her partner Christmas stamps. I think because they were available and he really doesn't care.

Which means that one hundred postcards advertising an Orthodox synagogue are going out with stamps featuring little Santa Claus ornaments. :)

I don't often do things like that, but I discovered a few things while I was doing the stamps.

1. The 20-stamp "booklets" are much easier to use than the rolls.

2. The "frill" on the edges of the self-stick stamps to make them look like they've been perforated actually helps when it comes to removing the stamps from the backing, especially with the rolls. It also helped when I was trying to remove two stamps at a time, something that wouldn't have been possible with unfrilled edges.

3. The most efficient way for a right hander to stamp a large number of items with a roll of self-stick stamps is to put the roll of stamps on the left forefinger, holding the roll with the other fingers and the "tail" of backing with the thumb. This will put the stamps upside down with respect to you. Put the items to be stamped in a pile, also upside down. This way, you can easily remove one stamp at a time and place it directly where you want it in the proper alignment. Because the rolls go from left to right, any other way is awkward.

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