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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, I'm reading the TWoP thread about The Amazing Race's last episode.

For those who don't watch, one team seems to be in an abusive relationship. The husband yells at his wife, forces her to apologize for wrongs she did not commit in front of other people, has shoved her hard, hit her with a car trunk without an apology himself. She seems afraid of him - takes measures so he won't blame her for getting lost, cringes, cries...it's awful. The promo for next week shows him nearly hitting her. We're wondering what would happen if he actually did, in fact.

It's not fun.

To make it just slightly less fun - he shares my husband's name. Not just the first name, but I went to his website and it's the full name. It's disconcerting, to say the least.


He's the evil opposite of your husband. ;D

That can be weird, I know.

My brother has a pretty common first name, but my maiden name is kind of unusual (as is my real life married name, hence the pseudonym). There was, however, another kid with his exact same name that went to our high school.

Well, my brother's not exactly a great guy, but this other dude
turns out to be kind of a child molester. He's our contemporary, which makes him to be in his mid- 30s. About a year ago I had a 17 yr old client who had a baby by this guy. She named the baby after him, giving him the first and last names as first and middle names, with her name at the end because they weren't married and he didn't acknowledge paternity. So she's telling me about her baby *who has my brother's name*. I did a couple of double takes and had to quiz her a good bit to make sure it wasn't actually my nephew.

Guh, that is creepy.

Nobody would ever mistake your husband for that schmuck, though. I've never seen *anyone* hated that thoroughly that quickly on the show.

I have a name-twin but she's a young girl into photography, which is adorable, really.