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First. My mother-in-law is a wonderful cook. This is not even in doubt. We had turkey, a dressing made of chestnuts and mushrooms and fresh herbs and artisan bread and pumpernickel, fresh beets, my pilaf (with that stuff, who needed pilaf?), homemade cranberry sauce (with Splenda) and a big salad. And gravy. And finished with a...bottomless apple pie. Meaning that there was only one crust and that was on top. Given that that, too, was made with Splenda, it was quite nice. A little heavy on the cinnamon, but very nice.

We also had wine and finished with coffee, and began with mulled apple cider.

It was just the family - Jonathan's parents, us and Jonathan's brother. And his dog, but Betty doesn't get table food, so she just camped out underneath.

And the conversation was good around the table and except for one moment, things were calm.

Jonathan invited his brother for a seder. Not, you see, thinking about the logistics of having a vegetarian for a seder. That knocked me out. One of my biggest problems is that if I have something set and decided upon, a change in plans can stall me out. Once I regroup, I'm fine, but my first thought is panic. Not that I don't have six months, of course. But we discussed that calmly and went back to dinner and that was that.

Mom went to her bedroom after dinner and I read while the boys cleaned up, and then we watched some TV, and somewhere around 6:45 decided it was time to go home. Mitch was out on a date from , an online Jewish dating service and I wanted to be home by 8 and it just seemed time to go. So we got our coats and I tied on my headscarf and Mom woke up and wanted to talk.

Okay. Fine. What she wanted was to go over the headstone for her brother's grave. Not the most pleasant and certainly not the most urgent of discussions, but okay. I got out a book and read and played with Betty. And it got later. And Jonathan discovered his uncle's will, and had to read it while my mother-in-law lectured me about eating.

Some of you read my food diaries. I don't have the best diet in the world, but it's not bad. It's not, however, following her diabetic lowcarb obsession. And when I say that I do this or that, she says she doesn't. And I knew that, but what does that have to do with what I do? She only buys challah rolls; I buy lovely pullapart whole wheat challot. But we got through that and then there was will talk and it was over an hour since we were going to leave and I was missing Survivor and I'd forgotten to set the VCR. My fault, of course.

Between the lecture and the wanting to go, I built up quite the head of steam and I think we argued until halfway to Brooklyn on the subway. :(

I need to grow up *so* badly. *sigh*

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