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My mother was in a car accident this evening. I don't know exactly what happened - I spoke to my older brother and he wouldn't say. She's *fine*. Her left wrist is broken. She's left-handed. She's also only three months shy of her 70th birthday. Her bones are in good shape, but still.

The car is a mess, apparently.

She's all right. That's the main thing. She's going to be *fine*. But. It's starting to hit home that this could have been so much worse. This could have been unthinkable.

And, damn it all. I don't' even own a *car* to go out and see her. This is it. I'm going to start looking into used cars now. Because we really do need one.

My older brother is going to move in with her, and she has friends, so she'll be fine, and there is nothing I can do.

Just. Thank God it was nothing more serious.

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