Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Batman #364
Batgirl #58

Green Lantern Rebirth #2
Flash #219
Superman #211
Adam Strange #3

The Authority: Revolution #2


Still dealing with the aftermath of "Wargames", plus the events of "Identity Crisis".

Batman #634
This, in my opinion, justifies the event - Batman has been stripped down to basics. Refined, in fact. It's just him, Dick and Alfred, and Dick's injured in body and soul. He's lost the cops, he's lost Oracle and he sent Cassandra to go with Tim.
And he's dealing with Stephanie. And he's not an "urban legend" anymore.

But good bourbon on the rocks? Good thing he isn't much of a drinker.

Batgirl #58
Now, why couldn't we have had this art in Robin? I liked this look at Cassandra - at her both loving and hating her language of movement and her struggles with our languages of speech and writing. At her pain at Stephanie's loss and her total nonreaction at a very...attractive view of Tim. And I liked this Tim, who acted like Tim.

War Games was a difficult and not always well-done piece of writing, but I think I like both the results of this and the intersection between it and Identity Crisis. Tim's pretty much the strongest of the Bat Family, except maybe Alfred. He shouldn't have to handle what he's been given, but he can and I think still stay intact. As opposed to his mentor and "big brother."

DC Universe

Green Lantern Rebirth #2
First thing is that I've always loved the Green Lanterns. Or, at least, I loved Hal and I loved Kyle. I kinda took a break from comics for about 25 years, so I missed a lot of John and Guy, but I have a lot of affection for them, too, as well as for Alan Scott. Green Lantern is a title, not a name, and that makes a difference.

But it means I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, Hal's back. Yay! But what's going to happen to Kyle, who made the job his own, and who trained himself? He's a great character as he is, and I'd hate to lose him.

So. Here's Rebirth. And it's all setup right now - the other Lanterns, past, present and *magic*, are having severe problems, and there's an ominous warning throughout the book, and at least one Lantern has been reset.

And what sort of Guardians hand the most powerful weapons in the galaxy to a group of people without fear? I'm surprised they only had one Sinistra.

Flash #219
More dealing with Identity Crisis, and this will have fallout only, really, in the Flash book, so that's good. I like the Flash's Rogues. They're sane compared to Batman's (as Wally is sane compared to Bruce...well, um. Okay. Neither of those things say much given the state of things in Gotham.) And they're smart but not megalomaniacs, unlike Clark's. They're a bunch of costumed crooks with neat toys/abilities who are able to band together, sort of and who are in it just for what they can get, not to conquer the world or go on psychopathic murder sprees. So seeing them here works very well - as does the real problem caused by excess meddling. Good book.

Superman #211
*Pretty* book. I mean, the art is spectacular - tiny details like a fold in Wonder Woman's skirt (and I loved her in a skirt. Not all superheroines should wear one, although I really think Mrs. Incredible needed one, but it fits her and Lee made it *move*.) or a perfect floor kick. I do martial arts, so that panel was amazing.

The story has been going on too long and is somewhat confusing, and I forgot who one of the characters even was, however, and I'm looking forward to this ending soon.

Adam Strange #3
More childhood memories - Adam Strange in his Space Opera costume catching a zeta beam to Rann to be with his girlfriend under its green skies.

I liked this. I liked the reminder that DC Universe is a large place with other worlds in it - worlds that people on Earth are conscious of, too. Thanagar, Rann, Daxam, Oa - these places are real to the common folk of Earth.

Adam loves his family and their world, but he's also a scientist and maybe he's grieving but he's not a fool. He knows better than to believe in false hope. And Thanagar is wonderfully realized and presented. I enjoyed this one.

The Authority: Revolution #2
Let's just tear Midnighter apart, shall we? He's always been the most fragile of this supergroup, and that's true even now, with Jenny Quantum flying around. And now it's on his shoulders, and I don't care how many battle scenarios he can come up with, it's still not good.

On the other hand - Coup d'Etat was, well. Nightmarish. Not the book itself, but the concept, so I'm glad they're going to make it right. I mean, I wouldn't want any supergroup, especially one composed in part of nonAmericans, taking over. Or nonsupergroup composed entirely of Americans, either.

But will the group survive this? Will Midnighter? This is going to be fun finding out.

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