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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I am bored

There is no work pending. At all. I'm answering the phones (including one point when *every* light was lit and I was juggling requests for information and requesting information and three calls for one person).

Okay, it was rather amusing that for some reason, one of my bosses decided to hide under his desk (and we have photographic evidence, too.) but he's sitting in his chair now.

I can
A. write Cereta's Roy/Dick story, which will bring my stories pending list to...four. Wow. Progress.

B. Read a long story in HP or Smallville (recs, please. No WIPs.)

C. Troll ff.net for choice stories. I think I'll try Kim Possible today...


What a great frog! (and really, what's off-topic when one is bored?)

I just read the latest thing at bottom!Draco, the 4 part and growing one. I'm liking it. Thank goodness for fanfic, of whatever flavor.

I'd rec:
Josan's incredible (and PG rated) "Once Upon A Time In Egypt"


Tira Nog's incredible (and PG rated) "A Nick In Time"


Sam Starbuck -aka- copperbadge's wonderful (PG rated) "A Year In the Life"

Those are wonderful - "A Nick in Time" has a permanent place on my Palm. As does the sequel. And I'm always tempted to write the AU ending - where the boys remain boys. I sniffle a lot when I reread it.

I'll go check out the others. BTW, I don't worry about the ratings. No one looks over my shoulders. I've even written smut at work.