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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Rule Number One for cooking with curry:
Take off the good clothes or cover them up. Really. :)

Fortunately, the first curry spill was dry...


Rule Number Two for cooking with curry:

If you intend to play macho games with your friends' taste buds to prove how much hotter curries you can cook than they can swallow, cover their clothes too before you make them taste the stuff. Or at least warn them.

So saith someone whose family friend is entirely too good at deadpan looks when serving lethal concoctions...

For a while there we were cooking A LOT of Indian dishes--yum! I didn't notice the smell so much until on morning while eating my cereal I could literally taste it, that is how much it permeated the air. We put our cuisine to a rest and aired out the kitchen :)