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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Just looked at my fic journal..

I seem to be doing a story a day this week. Not counting my comment fic on on thamiris's journal. (Um. NC-17.)

I'm really bored at work, aren't I?

ETA that thamiris's journal is friendslocked, so here is the commentfic.


Want to come up and help us? ;) (Heck, I could give you half my workload and *still* be busy.)


Be a bit of a commute, wouldn't you say?

Alas, the commentfic is locked. Will you be reposting it to your fic journal, or can you at least tell us the pairing/universe?

Good idea.

It's Snape/Harry.

Does that mean you might take requests? ;)

Of course not. :)

:p Pity you don't do femslash (the one person I know who does, whon't do Starfire/Raven), but... how about John Stewart (GL) / Flash, from the current Justice League Unlimited TV series?