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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


I think I left my Tungsten E on the bus. It's all backed up, except for a couple of paragraphs of a story in progress but I'm shaking here. There's *stuff* there I don't want anyone seeing, including all the fanfic I have downloaded.

I had it before I got on - I put my Pa-kua master's AIM name on it before I got on the bus. I don't know where I put it - it should be in my purse, but it's not there. I don't even know which bus it could be on because I changed buses. Which I don't remember even doing.



I hope it finds its way back to you soon.

does it have your name on it? address?
you could try calling the bus co. and asking if anyone turned one in, too.

It has all my information.

I called the MTA. Business hours are between 9 and 12 on Fridays. I called at 12:44...

Um. Monday-Friday. With later hours on Thursday.

Oh that sucks!


Oh no... this is something I would do but if you don't want people seeing it it's a shame. The "bright" side is that I doubt anyone you know will see it. But dang, you want it back...


:::: Palm returning safely :::: vibes headed your way.l