Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Okay, advice tiime.

As you all know, my precious PalmOne Tungsten E was lost on Friday. It will be replaced; it *must* be replaced.

My choices are the same thing again, Tungsten T, which has a cool sliding screen, somewhat faster processing , Bluetooth and a HotSync Crade, or a Tungsten C, which has a built in thumb keyboard, still faster processing speed, WIFI, twice as much memory, and a power supply as well as the HotSync Cradle.

None offer cellphones or cameras.

The price differences are huge - ranging from $179 to $359.

At this point, the "T" seems out of the running. The differences between it and the "E" are not extreme enough to warrant $100 difference. The "C", on the other hand, has features that seem useful.

It pretty much has to be one of those three, since all my data is backed up with PalmOne software.

So, peoples. Advice? Counsel? We might be able to get the money as a Chanukah present or a combined Chanukah/birthday present. ETA: Jonathan spoke to his parents. They're chipping in half the money, since they were at a loss for my present this year anyway. So, definitely the C at this point.
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