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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've just realized something.

I have not seen Smallville in three weeks. I've dutifully taped each episode, but I don't even know if I've taped over them or not, and I can't seem to care.

And it's not like I've watched Lost, either. I've been watching The Real Gilligan's Island instead.

I'm clearly going insane.


I'm finding Real Gilligan's Island to be a far better show than it deserves to be.

It is, isn't it?

But then, so was the original.

Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.
Ian had rehearsals Weds nights, so I taped them, and after we backlogged 3 episodes without finding time to watch them, we just stopped bothering.

I did like the Flash episode though and am glad I caught that one. [Was that ending slashy, or what?]

That ending was extremely slashy...and that's on a show that's pretty slashy to begin with! I missed last week's show and the week before was just awful. I hope it improves or I'm going to have to give up as well!

It was, indeed. But I love Bart in general (even if that wasn't *my* Bart.)

It feels like an assignment, you know? And I was always bad at doing assignments.

I haven't been liking Smallville so much lately. :/

I was reading CLex before I was writing Potterfic, believe it or not. My friend who was also into the CLex and knew I liked Draco told me about H/D.

I feel that Smallville has tanked a lot lately. Nothing of deep importance seems to be happening, the mythology is a mess, we are getting huge amounts of titillation that serve little purpose, and Lana has virtually taken over the show from Clark and Lex.

Never mind that Lost is as good as everyone says it is.

We have been watching Smallville, even downloading the episode when we forgot to tape it last Wednesday. I still like it even though the story line is all over the place and they ought to be doing more with Clark's last year of high school :(

My only complaint about Gilligan's Island is that they got rid of the Gay Professor and the Homophobic Lovey too fast. The drama was hysterical.