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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It drives me *nuts* that people think that Ginny is pining after Tom Riddle. She wasn't a big presence in books 3 and 4, but as she was still tongue-tied, it's safe to assume she maintained her crush on Harry until she got smart about it. It doesn't seem likely she'd do that and still be "in love" with an admittedly handsome 17 year old ghost - although there's no evidence she saw him until she opened the Chamber, and then he was trying to kill her.

He also possessed her and made her do awful things.


Does anybody really think that?

I write T/G. I have written quite a lot of T/G. But I don't think that. T/G is not a romantic love story. It's horror.

*thinks about it, remembers all the batcrap reviews she got for Memory of Fire*

Yeah, I guess people do think that. *eyeroll*

But not everyone who writes T/G thinks that.

I don't know.

People are weird. Of course, not everyone thinks that.

I'm mostly, well, reacting to two different rpgs (granted, one is a parody) which has Ginny pining for Tom.

RPGs are crack, both in the sense of being addictive and in the sense of being 'on crack'. I should know. The one I help run is one of the crackiest.

Which ones? storge_space and what other one?

hp_dungeons seems to be saying that, but I'm sure it means something different. Or I hope so, but that's what set me up.

hp_dungeons seems to be a haven for Non-Standard Interpretations of Canon.

So's lightningwar, which I help run*, so I'm not dissing them by saying so, just pointing it out.

* Everyone knows I can't stand Dumbledore, but even I was a little surprised when alasearwax, whom I do not write, but another mod does, turned out to be a pederast. I knew he was sinister, but that just threw me for a loop.


I mean, I read a squickfic where Dumbledore was one, but I couldn't imagine an rpg sustaining that.

My Dumbledore is in shades of gray - not sinsister, surely, but no saint.

I also think the reason he was awake and chatting with the portraits in OotP is that he doesn't sleep at night. Because if he does, he sees the faces of all his students that he failed or used, or watched die, and that Tom Riddle's is the first one he sees - his biggest failure.

lightningwar was unwittingly AU from its very beginnings, because it was begun before OOTP came out. After OOTP came out, everyone more or less went their own way.

There haven't ever been any forbidden topics in the game.

oooh. I like that version of the icon much better :D

darthfox is the best!

T/G is not a romantic love story. It's horror.

It's so true.

Yet people write reviews for my T/G fics that say, "Oh, this is so romantic!" or "Yay, you got them together!" and I just stare at the screen and wonder how in the world they can think that after I've just spent five pages describing all kinds of weird mind games.

I really don't like it when Rowling says those things in her interviews about how Draco fans are all nuts and we must like Draco because of Tom Felton and we're going to have terrible romantic lives, because I don't like Draco because I want to date him.

However, I sort of understand how she must feel when people review my T/G fics as though they were wonderful love stories.

When I'm really setting up an arc of my WiP where Ginny ends up taking over from Snape (whose cover is blown) as a spy.

i noticed something too. in books one and two. maybe even 3 and 4....(after rereading them for the billionth time) that harry mentions that he gets the feeling snape can read minds. then in book 5...he reveals that he can...sort of.

am i dense for not getting this before?

I'm not Deb, but I don't think so.

I am Deb,and. No, you aren't. I think this is just a sign of very good writing - Rowling knew Snape could do Leglimency, but Harry doesn't and no one ever told him that was possible.

But it is, and now when we read the earlier books, we can see the signs.

i love how everytime you read them you get something new out of it!!!!

He also possessed her and made her do awful things.

You know, it's the little things.