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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy Chanukah!

(If anyone can help pretty this up, I'd be grateful.)


Pretty what up?

The lettering, mostly. The color and font are fine, but I'd like to make a shadow or something, and I don't know how.

Happy Chanuka to you too.

And to both of you.

Lovely! Happy Channukah!

Next year I'll have a Channukah icon. This year I'll settle for my icon with Yiddish on it.

how's this?

Oh, that's LOVELY!

Mine, now.
Thank you!

Chanukah sameach!

Happy Chanukah!

Beautiful icon. And chag sameach!

oh, what a lovely icon!

Chag sameach!

Hannukah sameach!

I agree; what a lovely icon!