Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Of PDAs and Bunnies

New PDA is in the shipment process now. I'm looking forward to having a new toy. I'm also looking forward to just having it back - I keep looking for my old one for mundane things like a game of Snood or to start writing a story. A good half the birthday stories I've been writing have had their start on that PDA - and using Graffiti to do it. I have a keyboard somewhere, but the stylus is right there, you know? And now I'll have a thumboard.

The last one was the Luna Lovegood I just wrote - I'd written out the first few paragraphs but then I lost the thing and anyway, it turned out I needed to go a completely different way. Which happens to me a lot.

Does that happen to any of the other writers out there? You start writing a story one way, but end up with something completely different?

In the queue: One Harry/Ron. One Ron/Draco or Lily/James. One JLA or SiriusRemu. One Jim/Blair "for old time's sake." jaci's wedding challenge, which will be H/D. (And needs to be fluffy, and I have no idea how to do a fluffy HP story.) And indigocat, whose birthday is tomorrow, wants the final installment of Phases, also known as the Snape/Lupin trainwreck.

And there's the Snape Chanukah bunny. 12am_nosh has a non-Christmas challenge, and I got the idea from that. Not for the challenge, because it's a Snape/Black (Sirius or Regulus) challenge and I can't make it work for that pairing. Or maybe any pairing.

Yeah, I know. I have a *thing* about holiday stories. I've written, um. Three. Two were generated from an anger I'm just not feeling this year. Amazing, no? This might change, but right now I'm feeling pretty mellow about the whole thing. Maybe it's the Chanukah lights shining out of the windows along my street.

But still, I don't like writing holiday stories much - anyone's holidays, including my own.

Anyway - I've been amused for the past however long in all the various ways authors and rpg players have have found to reconcile Alan Rickman's looks with this very English character. I've seen Italian, Arabic and Rom, and the truly amusing native speaker of Esperanto. (Waits for laughter to stop. That means you, gnomi.) And all of these (except the, you know, Esperanto thing) are reasonable and often fun to read. hp_dungeons has done quite a lot with the Rom heritage, for example. I have not seen one possible heritage, though - Alan Rickman's own.

While I do not actually believe Snape to be Jewish, he *could* be, even from his canonical description. And thus, the bunny.

(Also, I have Theories about Jewish Wizardry, and this might be a way of showing them or I could write another essay.)

So. Thoughts? Should I? Or should I be clearing my queue first? I address this last to ellen_fremedon, cmshaw, ariestess, hiddenhibiscus and indigocat - I think you ladies do have top priority, but Chanukah only has seven more days.
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