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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Mom Update

She's been admitted to the hospital. It seems that she might have had a stroke, either last night or sometime in the past, and they're worried about her carotid artery.

I'll be going to see her as soon as we can make the right arrangements.


Oh dear. My thoughts are with you and your mom.

I have to make it pretty clear. My mother is, B"H, awake and lucid and has full memories of the actual crash, if not of the moments just prior to it.

Whatever is wrong, she's okay right now.

*hugs*, Mama. I'd offer assistance, but I don't know if your religious system allows you to accept it; I've never asked before. Well, the Reiki is available is you want it.

Love you, dearheart. You know that. You know there's lots of love and caring being directed your way. Have you passed the word on squidge?

Iroshi, darlin', any good thoughts are welcome, but you did guess right.

Love you, too.

Deb, if you'd like, please give me her Hebrew name and I'll add her to my prayers in the morning.


Thank you.

Her name is Basya Rachel bat Chana (v'Gedalia if you use father's names in prayers - O tradition doesn't, but it doesn't really matter.)

Fingers crossed for you and yours, Deb.

Hugs. Thank you!