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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
JK Rowling on Squibs

This tidbit of information answers one question, but I think creates more.

The stuff on wands is interesting in and of itself, but I'm not sure knowing this will make a true difference.


The stuff on wands is making me nuts because I want to know which book she read. Unlike Kabbalah or runes, where there's actually primary source material you can check, the Ogham was an oral tradition, which means that the sodding newagers not only misinterpret it, they misinterpret it a thousand different ways.

Of course, this is the woman who took the serpent crawling through the skull, a traditional symbol of enlightenment granting victory over death to the Gnostics, and made it Teh Mark of All EVOL. :)

*sings MST3K theme* "I keep telling myself it's just a book, I should really just relax...."