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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay. I'm confused. How come the fact that I can't keep my kitchen clean means I shouldn't own a house, but I should adopt a child?

Does this make any sense at all?


All I can guess is that childraising and house cleaning are different skill sets? It is an odd idea.

I can see many cases where one's lifestyle precludes owning a house, but parenting works.

But, uh, yeah, somebody's offering some bad advice.

On the other hand, Cat and I are not what you would call tidy, cleaning people, and the condo is still standing...

IIRC, condos still have group decisions on building maintainence and the like? Homeowners have to do their own thing there, generally.

But kid-parents also have to periodically maintain the kid. Who reminds them?

You can see why I'm confused here.

Perhaps she's under the impression that children who are of age to be adopted are also self-maintaining, or will provide their own reminders about maintainence? But that does not include doctor checkups and dental checkups, which are analogous to the checking that termites etc. have not overwhelmed the foundations.

No, she understands we want a baby. And she knows kids better than that - she raised three of her own (and one was adopted, although my sister-in-law was twelve at the time, and the daughter of her husband.)

Take it from me, they are definitely *way* different skill sets. I'm a poor housekeeper, but I'm really proud of my work as a Mom. So maybe your M-i-L is seeing something true about you, that you would do much better taking care of an ever-changing human being than of a boring ol' house.

Skill sets.

SEe, that's a term I understand. And, yeah. Housekeeping is the most boring thing *ever*. But a kid could be fun. Especially if I have to be on the alert to keep them from knocking down the piles of piles of stuff...