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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay. I'm confused. How come the fact that I can't keep my kitchen clean means I shouldn't own a house, but I should adopt a child?

Does this make any sense at all?


That sort of makes sense. My kitchen is neglected to a degree - nothing rotting on the counters or anything, and I use clean food prep items, but it's cluttered. I'm bad at decluttter and tidy.

A house will give us...more room to accumulate stuff. This is probably a bad thing, except we've never let lack of room stop us, and we'd get more wallspace for bookcases, which is the thing we most desperately need. Wallspace. For bookcases. And also a place for a child and its stuff. And even people to come and sing and stay with us. And my mom will be happy.

But it wouldn't be a condo because condos don't exist. It would be a co-op. Which means we would live in the apartment, but we don't own it. We own shares in the building that equal the apartment in which we would live. Or something. It's a New York thing. And everything takes board approval. Which is usually given, but you do have to ask.

I'm with commodorified about what it probably meant.

And I've been to New York and I've seen some pretty big apartments. I would love to live in the place byzantienne and her family live in. Then again, I'm completely allergic to suburbs and the idea of owning a house and you're not.

I know what a co-op is (we have similar things in SF) but I'd rather live in one than a house.

I don't want to move to the suburbs. I love living in Brooklyn - and with a nondriving husband, it makes life a lot easier. And we love our synagogue.

But there are houses here.