Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


It's cold. It's very, very cold. Single digit cold. Fortunately, I was prepared for it.

My oh, so fashionable outfit today consists of tights,leggings, skirt, sweater, winter boots (necessary for both warmth and the icy sidewalks), a new wool hat I like very much, all worn under a wool cardigan and my LandsEnd Down Coat (with the bane of my coatexistence, the double zipper. It can take me forever to get the zipper caught so I can zip it up. As my current hormonal state has deprived me of all patience for such things, it takes me even longer.) I was very, very warm. Since my nose is still other than functional,that's a very good thing.

Also, to prepare for the cold, I sewed a button onto Jonathan's winter coat yesterday. Well, tightened it. This marked the first time I've sewn, and therefore threaded a needle, since I got my progressives. I got the progressives because I was unable to thread a needle unless I took off my glasses, closed my right eye and squinted.

I was able to thread it with my glasses on and both eyes open. I was able to thread it the first time and with ease. So, all the money we spent was clearly worth it. (In all honesty, now that I'm used to them, I think they were worth it - better to get used to the progressives now, when the differences are relatively minor, instead of later on. So when my prescription changes, the adjustment period will be, I hope, less than three weeks.)

In other news, the mellow mood continues. My holiday being over, I can enjoy watching the rest of you have scurry around and have fun. I think I can thank the fact that so many of my friends list seem to have been born in December. Many, many, *many* stories to write.

Okay. I have jaci's Wedding story challenge fic to finish today. I have cmshaw's Jim/Blair. I have indigocat's conclusion to Phases. Is it ariestess who wants either JLA or Remus/Sirius? I think it's ariestess. jacquez wants a gen Bill Weasley birthday story because she hates me. :) Or wants me to stretch my writing muscles or something. Or just likes Bill Weasley, birthdays and gen fic. But as she's an evil monkey, that can't be it. tstar and lanning haven't gotten back to me yet, but that's just fine. Or they can claim any other story I've written.

I should do that to-do list thing.

Oh, and that essay on Judaism in the Wizarding world and one on having a fandom with two living concurrent canons and maybe something about my predictions for book 7. Which will not happen because I'm really bad at predictions.

As you can see, I'm really, really bored today. And that's with having 27 messages on the voice mail to take care of this morning.

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