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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ugly swimsuits

Truly modest swimwear.

I'd rather wear a t-shirt over a one-piece, thank you.


Would a short-sleeved leotard work as a swimsuit, if it covered the collarbones?

With a skirt and longer sleeves...


Which is why, if I were buying a new swimsuit, I'd probably go for a tankini and skirt combo, to be worn with an old (and short-sleeved) t-shirt.

*nod* It looks like the suits shown on that page you linked to are designed to not lose their shape when wet, so as not to do the body-silouhetting (sp?) thing.

designed to not lose their shape when wet

Ah, that would account for the stiffness, then.

They look horridly uncomfortable, though. And if they don't soften up when they get wet, I'd think they'd be difficult to actually, y'know, swim in. Splash around, go wading, yes, but swim? Like, lap swimming? If nothing else, they'd generate a huge amount of drag.