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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ugly swimsuits

Truly modest swimwear.

I'd rather wear a t-shirt over a one-piece, thank you.


I don't have religious reasons for wanting anything like this, but I find myself wondering if their lycra undersuits can be worn without the over-layer.

Frankly (and this may be TMI, sorry), current fashionable trends stipulating that women be hairless in places where most adult humans have hair growing while in public... well I'd dearly love to have a swimsuit with sleeves and upper-leg-covering, rather than a tank-top sleeved swimsuit which has a narrow crotch area and high-cut leg openings.

Hmmm. Interesting link!

If you don't mind me asking... and my apologies for being clueless about this stuff! In some of that website's photos the women are wearing hats, but in other photos, they aren't. How do you manage hair-covering for swimming?

The overlayers are attached to the underlayer with a zipper.

However, the latest trend for Olympic swimmers seems to be suits that cover the body, so I'd assume such things are available for the general public.

Also, you might check out Land's End. They specialize in suits with standard modest cuts, including boy legs and skirts.

As for hair coverings - I haven't gone swimming since I started covering my hair, but I'd just wear a standard bathing cap.

Thanks! I have boy-leg bottoms from Lands End from a few years ago, but they look kind of odd on my shape... I'd prefer biker-short type legs. Good point about the olympic styles. Maybe I'll hit the specialty swimshops. I kind of like buying two-pieces, because my top and my bottom are two different sizes, but unless I go with a style like I've seen Indian women wearing as their stretchy top underpart beneath a sari... hmmm. That's an idea!

Thank you! I love brainstorming with creative folks!