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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ugly swimsuits

Truly modest swimwear.

I'd rather wear a t-shirt over a one-piece, thank you.


For certain practicioners of certain religions, modesty is important. For example, I'm an Orthodox Jew and I take our version of modesty, "tzniut", very seriously. This means that when I'm in public (meaning seeable by men not members of my immediate family), I wear tops that cover my collarbones and elbows at all times and skirts that cover my knees whether sitting, standing or climbing stairs. I do not wear trousers in public. Also, as a married woman, I keep my hair covered in public. There are various interpretations, and I know Orthodox women who do not follow these rules so strictly, and others who follow them more strictly.

Certain right-wing Christian sects and Muslim groups have their own rules of modesty that have some intersection with mine.

This makes swimming in mixed company problematic at best. These suits, which I suspect are designed for the Christian groups, are meant to answer those problems. The normal Orthodox solution is to not swim with the opposite sex.

And, yeah, I was tempted, but they don't look pleasant to swim in. Also, just speaking for O Judaism - women are supposed to dress modestly, but in ways where they feel they look good. I can come up with ideas that would be just as modest but much cuter and more practical.