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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, still thinking about modest, yet cute, swimwear.

So, something like this worn over a knee-length swim skirt (with a sports bra style swimtop under the shirt for support) could work well and look nice. Because I'm all for modest swimwear, whether for religious reasons or just for the comfort of the wearer, but it shouldn't be ugly.


That looks nice.
Where would you find a swim skirt?

That's the problem. You can find swim skirts at Land's End and www.junonia.com - lycra skirts with attached panties - but they're all short.

The thing to do would be to buy a standard bottom and attach a lycra skirt to it of the right length. Now that I think of it, it wouldn't take more than basic sewing skills. Make a skirt of moderate fullness and a stretchy waistband and just sew it onto the bottom. Add those snaps if you want. Done.


Nat has a swimtop similar to that - he has to wear one to limit sun exposure because of his high cancer risk. You can get them with higher necks, too. And he says it's quite comfy.

just went and looked, and the item nat has is called a "rashguard". they are pretty easy to find in swim & surf shops and in largish dept. stores.

what's a swim skirt? pics please?

so you could wear that to a normal beach/pool thing. AWESOME idea!!!!! but it would still be a little too tight for me. i'd feel fat and gross in it

Here's one.

It just needs to be longer.

cool! that's a great idea!!!

Wouldn't something longer be hazardous to swim in? Heck, I nearly drowned in my hair once (I exaggerate, but it was kinda scary for a bit) back before I cut it, I don't want to think what a long skirt would do to me.

I'd think if it were snapped between the legs and not much, if at all, beyond knee length, such a skirt would be fine. I wouldn't want it longer, though.

I take it skins (like are sold here) aren't modest enough?

Depends on whom you ask.

I'd want a skirt, but otherwise, they're fine. I wonder if they'd be hot in the summer or an overheated indoor pool?