Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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This Week's Comics

For reasons I don't understand, I couldn't do this without my Palm. So, now that I have a new one, I'm back.

Wonder Woman #211
Aftermath of the events of the past issue. And, again, Diana is a hero. She has made a tremendous sacrifice, and her only thought is of another casualty of the fight. I loved all the interactions - Diana and her gods (btw, I love the Olympic gods in modern dress. It works for me.), the Amazons and the "Patriarchal" doctor, who is a woman, Cassie and the staff. And the purple healing ray has a cameo, too. I want to see how Diana copes with her blindness, until its eventual cure.

Green Arrow #45
I used to really like Judd Winick. He was beautiful for Kyle Rayner, but he's in the PSA business. I will say that I like his Ollie. This rings true for me, and while I could have lived without Mia's speech in the beginning, she was beautiful in the end. She was always heading here, so I'm glad it wasn't treated as a shocker.


Green Lantern Rebirth #3
Really nice bit of retconning here. And I do mean nice - Johns explains the famous yellow impurity and Kyle's lack of same in a way I can accept. Meanwhile, Kyle was good with Ollie and Hal, Hal and Hal. And the ending got me, which was cool.

JLA Classified #2
Basically, I'm confused. I don't know who the Ultramarines are, or why I should care. It's fun, but I'm less connected than I should be.

Catwoman When in Rome Chapter 3:Wednesday
Here I feel a connection. Beautiful book, gorgeous anti-heroine and what is going on with the Riddler? I'm enjoying this caper. And you gotta admire a catburglar who wears bracelets with her costume.


DC:The New Frontier Vol. One
Both comic book store guys recomended this one, and it's very cool. I especially like how the DC big three are drawn as they were when they first appeared in comics. About the only thing I don't buy is Diana working for the US.

The Authority Revolution Part 3
This is another way of being a hero - sacrifice the most important relationships in your life, including the one that keeps you living, to prevent a nightmare future. Not that the present is much better. Go, Midnighter. Sob.

All-in-all, a good week.

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