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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This Week's Comics

For reasons I don't understand, I couldn't do this without my Palm. So, now that I have a new one, I'm back.

Wonder Woman #211
Aftermath of the events of the past issue. And, again, Diana is a hero. She has made a tremendous sacrifice, and her only thought is of another casualty of the fight. I loved all the interactions - Diana and her gods (btw, I love the Olympic gods in modern dress. It works for me.), the Amazons and the "Patriarchal" doctor, who is a woman, Cassie and the staff. And the purple healing ray has a cameo, too. I want to see how Diana copes with her blindness, until its eventual cure.

Green Arrow #45
I used to really like Judd Winick. He was beautiful for Kyle Rayner, but he's in the PSA business. I will say that I like his Ollie. This rings true for me, and while I could have lived without Mia's speech in the beginning, she was beautiful in the end. She was always heading here, so I'm glad it wasn't treated as a shocker.


Green Lantern Rebirth #3
Really nice bit of retconning here. And I do mean nice - Johns explains the famous yellow impurity and Kyle's lack of same in a way I can accept. Meanwhile, Kyle was good with Ollie and Hal, Hal and Hal. And the ending got me, which was cool.

JLA Classified #2
Basically, I'm confused. I don't know who the Ultramarines are, or why I should care. It's fun, but I'm less connected than I should be.

Catwoman When in Rome Chapter 3:Wednesday
Here I feel a connection. Beautiful book, gorgeous anti-heroine and what is going on with the Riddler? I'm enjoying this caper. And you gotta admire a catburglar who wears bracelets with her costume.


DC:The New Frontier Vol. One
Both comic book store guys recomended this one, and it's very cool. I especially like how the DC big three are drawn as they were when they first appeared in comics. About the only thing I don't buy is Diana working for the US.

The Authority Revolution Part 3
This is another way of being a hero - sacrifice the most important relationships in your life, including the one that keeps you living, to prevent a nightmare future. Not that the present is much better. Go, Midnighter. Sob.

All-in-all, a good week.


I have so much to read! Some thing that is not a text book!
Hugs and Happy Holliday!

This is another way of being a hero - sacrifice the most important relationships in your life, including the one that keeps you living, to prevent a nightmare future. Not that the present is much better. Go, Midnighter. Sob.

and if THAT doesn't scream "FAN FIC ME" I don't know what does. Why doesn't Midnighter tell Apollo what is going on? I'm thinking that, among other things, if Midnighter actually *believes* the story Future Apollo told him, he's a little angry with Apollo for letting him become what he does -- when Apollo could have taken him down and prevented it early on, and Apollo has to know that Midnighter in his right mind would never want to be the person he allegedly becomes.

Of course, having seen some hints Brubaker has thrown out about plot, it's also possible that the Future Apollo thing is a ruse and Midnighter has seen through it. Dunno how likely that is.

(here via wednesdaycomics)

I think Midnighter isn't taking any chances right now - and we don't knwo what happened when he communed with the baby universe.

And, yeah, he may well be angry at Apollo. Because Apollo is everything, including sanity, to him, and he can't stand the idea that Apollo failed. (I keep seeing him in the first tpb, falling apart when he thought Apollo was dead and all but tackling him when he appears whole and healthy through the door.)

Deb, did you read the end of Identity Crisis? I'd like to get your thoughts.

Yes, I did read it. I think it was excellent.

As a mystery, I thought it was wonderful. Meltzer scattered enough clues that the final resolution made sense, and the pacing was wonderful. I have never solved a mystery before the end, so the fact that I didn't means very little. All that focus on the families...good payoff.

As a story - I *hurt* for Ralph and Tim and Ray. Their pain felt very real. Meltzer has a a gift for characters and given that, like any soap opera, comic books are essentially character driven, that made a difference in the book.

As a part of the DC universe - oh, my. The League (in all its various incarnations) is NOT necessarily completely pure and has done things that aren't even ambiguous to protect their families. Because secret identities are all about families. Barry Allen made a mistake. A bad one. And Wally, raised to be a Hero, has to correct it.

They promise that this will have repercussions all over the DCverse. It's already affected the Flash (when the reformed Rogues rid themselves of the mind control, *ouch*) and, of course, the Batbooks. I hope they follow through with this. I hope they don't forget it.

I need to write something about the whole secret identity thing, because between the time I stopped reading comics in 1976 and started reading them again in 2000, a lot had changed on that front.

Wow if your just started reading comics again in 2000 im amazed you never spent years just trying to figure out what the hell happened to everyone. At least it wasnt with marvel you would have given up by now lol!