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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Gacked from cara_chapel

See? I am bored. Also a touch overwhelmed right now, but that will pass.

Since there are so many of you, and I know few of you well. But I'll do my best!

I. Reply to this post, because I would like to say a couple words about you.

II. I will also tell you what song(s) remind me of you when I hear it.

III.I will also tell you what celebrity/movie character/public person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise. if i can that is (Note: I'm very bad at this.)

IV. I will also give ONE WORD that I associate with you when I think of you.

V. We all could use a boost now and then, so steal this for your journal and make someone else's day as well.

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I'm game; have at me! :-)

I. Hello
II. "Greensleeves"
III. Jane Seymour (it's the hair)
IV. Creative
V. Have fun

oh me?

Okay. Really bad at this.

I. Hello.
II. "Here Comes the Sun"
III. Charisma Carpenter
IV. Fun
V. You know what to do.

Speaking of bored, I was going to IM you at work today but was too scared to do personal stuff the second day on the job.
Have a good Shabbos.

Want me to do you? Because, I gotta say, this is *hard*.

Good Shabbos.

We've only met in person twice (Arisia & Worldcon), but I'm somewhat curious.

I. Hi.
II. "Blinded me with Science"
III. Patricia Richardson
IV. Interesting


I. Hey
II. "Come through my window"
III. Lucy Lawless
IV. Bright

Okay. I'll bite. :)

I. Heya
II. "Cause I'm a Blonde"
III. Marilyn Monroe
IV. Cool

Hokay, MamaDeb, I'm game, love. Where's library.....er, different show. ;-)

I. Hello
II. "I have dreamed of folks like these all of my life"
III. Allison Mack
IV. Bouncy

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You are. This is *hard*.

I. Hi.
II. that song we danced to at Arisia.
III. Emma Thompson
IV. Elegant

Tell ya what - I'll do you first, if that's okay!

Song: Kung Fu Fighting
Person: Drew Barrymore
Word: Brave

Of course, this is somewhat skewed by where we met. :-)


Song: You took it. :)
Person: Sharon Gless
word: skilled

Okay, I'll give it a shot . . .

Sure thing, Solomon.

Song: "Love me Tender" (you know, I've never seen you in concert?)
Person: Bob Villas
Word: Disturbing

I hate to do this to you, but...


Re: I hate to do this to you, but...

Song:"Long and winding road"
Person: Sabrina Lloyd
Word: strong

*waves from the corner*

...but only if you still have the mental bandwidth after doing the bunch above me.

Mental bandwidth? What's mental bandwidth?

Song: "A noun is a person, place or thing"
Person: Abbey Bartlett
Word: Sharp

I'll do you if you do me.

Song: "Give my children wings"
Person: Harry Kim
Word: Energy

Be curious to see what yu think of me.....

Song: "I'm a believer"
Person: Camryn Mannheim
Word: Courage

Okay :D

Song: "If you go your own way"
Person: Angelica Huston
Word: strongminded

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