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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
HP questions

For those of us not caught up in the holiday festivities - or for those who are but need a break from it or from Shabbat prep -

Over the past couple of years, I've heard people refer to Ron as a Seer, even going so far as to give him a brother between Charlie and Percy so that he's actually a seventh son. Can anyone point to instances in the books that might imply that he is, indeed a Seer?

Also. On another note - right now I'm seeing speculation about Wormtail hurting Remus because his hand is silver. And I'm having trouble with that.

Number one - the hand seems more *silvery* than silver. I'll have to reread that bit, but I got the impression that it's a magical construct and doesn't actually contain silver.

Number two - I'm not sure Remus is sensitive to silver. Yes, I know that our mythology has werewolves sensitive to silver, and that can't be ignored, but there's no mention of Remus avoiding the silver cups and plates at Grimmauld Place, and they did make a big deal out of them, with Mundungus trying to see how he could fence them. No mention of Remus using a set of china and stainless steel, for example.

Are the goblets at Hogwarts silver? The plates are golden, so the cups might be, too. And what sort of utensils would he use to eat, given that I don't think they *do* use stainless steel?

My feeling about Remus is that being a werewolf is nothing but a curse for him - he's otherwise as vulnerable as any other wizard to weaponry and attacks. He also must either take a foul potion for a week out of every month or turn into a ravening beast, and his civil rights are severely curtailed.


The first reference I ever saw to Ron's being a seer was in Cassie Claire's Draco Trilogy (specifically in ch 12 of Draco Sinister, where Rowena Ravenclaw, on a trip the trio take back in time, identifies him as both a diviner and a seventh son - don't be impressed, all done by Search in Explorer on my hard drive). Given the Trilogy's influence on fandom, and its date of writing, that may be one origin for the idea. I think Cassie invented an intervening son, who died in infancy, to make Ron the seventh, but I can't track that down. Cassie also related Ron's ability with chess to his being a diviner - microsecond foreseeing.

That's entirely possible. I should ask my husband - he's the Cassie Claire fan in the family.

You know, though, the idea that Ron is good at chess because he can see the future instead of him being good at strategy...that bothers me.

I want him good at strategy. It's a skill neither Harry nor Hermione have and it's an important one.

I agree it would be good if Ron had that needed skill, but do we see any examples of him exercising it? In his Quidditch games, even? Just think of all the grief Ron could have saved himself if he'd thought ahead. He may, of course, have the skill, but allow his temper and impulsiveness (both of which have high ratings) to overwhelm it.